Mój TEDx. Spełnienie marzeń. Wystąpienie, w którym odważyłam się pokazać prawdziwą siebie.

Uwaga – film zawiera drastyczne zdjęcia. Mnie. Sprzed metamorfozy!

Opowiadam w nim o tym, jak 10 lat temu postanowiłam być stylistką i przemieniłam się w kolorowego ptaka. O tym, że dopiero niedawno odkryłam siebie prawdziwą i wciąż się siebie uczę. O tym, dlaczego doceniam swoje ciało. I o tym, że ubrania to forma dbania o siebie.
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Does your image reflect who you really are?

Do you feel safe in your clothes today?

Do your clothes give you self-confidence?

How much of yourself do you disclose to the public?

Do you feel like a million dollars?

(if you look like a million you can make a million – did you know that?)

I don’t believe in “I don’t care about clothes” attitude, because we all want to be seen.
We are seeking acceptance. And usually we have only 7 seconds to catch someone’s attention.

Image should reflect who you really are.

My name is Monika Jurczyk

My on TEDx. Dress @Justyna Chrabelska

My on TEDx

I’m a style transformer and I do it for a living. I don’t believe in fashion.
I believe in the power of clothes. I believe in the power of change, but in small steps, not extreme makeovers.

My first image change happened 10 years ago. I dreamed about breaking into the fashion world.

So I created myself from a scratch. I became a stylish, sparkling creature with lots of jewelry, lots of colours, mixed prints and very, very extravagant clothes. It helped me to be fearless. It was like my warrior mask. And I made it. I became a personal stylist. I was on the top of the world. Working hard but with a lot of satisfaction. I was noticeable, loud and…completely lost in my own image. i felt as if `i was permanently disguised.

And then I got sick. I had an operation. Suddenly this whole “image thing” was not an issue any more. It felt inadequate. I was just a sick girl. My big “aha moment” came when I returned home from hospital. I stood in front of a mirror. Completely naked. With some bandage around my very tired body. And I saw myself real for the very first time. And I felt that I loved my body for the very first time. And I felt that my body needed appreciation, that my clothes needed to show its best, not to impress others but just to show that I care about myself.

So I changed my image again. I took off a part of my jewelry, I got rid of crazy colours. I also started to wonder if my body is comfortable in my stylish clothes. Don’t get me wrong.

I still love to look amazing. But now I want to do it on my own terms, not on fashion terms.

I’ve found what is best for my body shape, and what colours enhance my natural beauty.

So, this is the first reason you need to care about your look – to appreciate your body.

But the second, even more important thing is to get to know who you are and to express it. Because, in order to successfully achieve your goals you need to make sure that your image `matches your personality.

Image is about who you really are.

Be brave

Be brave

The question is: are you brave enough…

  • To appreciate yourself?

  • To manifest your true self?

  • To dedicate some time just to your well-being?

  • To be seen?

Trust me – if you feel attractive because you know what’s good for your body, if you feel  that you are showing your true personality, you will find an amazing source of self- confidence. The 7 seconds you have to attract someone’s attention will be all yours. You will attract people who understand you, appreciate you and who will stay in your life. No matter: private or business. You will look not only attractive but honest and genuine . Small changes in your wardrobe can bring about big changes in your world / life.

How to do it?

First you need to open your wardrobe (and mind) and get rid of some stuff.

Throw away:

  • Everything you haven’t use for at least a year – something is wrong with them, for sure, even if you don’t realize what exactly
  • Everything that is too small or too big – every size needs suitable clothes
  • Everything which does not suit your silhouette or complexion
  • Everything you would never wear for a date of your life because everyday matters. Every day is important. You deserve to look amazing not only on special occasions.
  • Everything that is not comfortable. Too tight or too sheer clothes always make us feel less confident

This wardrobe detox process can be painful. But It will create space for new. New clothes, but also new you.

Now, when your wardrobe is lighter than ever, it’s time for my MBI system: Master of Business Image. 4 steps to create your true and powerful  image:

  1. Find your body shape

  2. Find your colours

  3. Find your style personality

  4. Find your brand mark

Body shape

  1. The key to find your body shape are proportions. If you look proportional, you look pretty. According to our mind. Even the ancients knew that perfect proportions = beauty.

I’ve designed my own body shape system YOUR SHAPE

Color Type

  1. You need to decide which colour suits you better: silver or gold? Which of them makes your skin glow and your eyes look more colorful. If you choose silver – use cold colours. If you prefer gold – go for natural, warm colours.

Style Personality

  1. My 4 style personality classification comes from Carl Gustav Jung, but it’s, of course, a lot simpler. It is about being an introvert or extravert. Being intuitive or a thinker. I’ve created this system with the help of a friend, who is a coach. We noticed that one can see your personality in your wardrobe.  And thanks to that – determine your style personality. Your stylish comfort zone.

a) Fighter

Waterproof jacket for an important meeting? A backpack instead of an elegant case? For you, usability is more important than look.

Style recipe? Keep your multifunctional wardrobe for sporty occasions.  Invest in good quality clothes. They will be more comfortable. Think strategic. Which clothes will help you achieve your personal and business goals?

b) Star

You are a logo person, aren’t you? You like very avant-garde clothes. You like to be in the center of attention all the time

Style recipe: when you are ready to leave: take off one piece. You will look more effortless.

c) Empath

The dress you got from your grandma years ago? “I don’t want to be noticed” sweater?

Aren”t you too sentimental about your clothes?

Style recipe: Have some courage and sometimes put on something that you really want without thinking about someone else’s opinion

d) Analytic

Mostly classical items in your wardrobe?. Everything looks proper and follows dress code rules?  Someone told you that there is a rule of mixing only three colours? You will follow that. Rules are your second nature

Style recipe: Rules can hide who you really are – be careful.

Brand Mark

  1. And now – go back to your closet. Which clothes do you like the most? which style makes you feel yourself? Which of your  clothes do you use most? Maybe that can be your signature look? Or signature item? Mark Zuckerberg has his Kubota flip flops, Margaret Thatcher – pearls, Stave Jobs had his famous turtlenecks. What is your signature? Find it and be consistent. Consistence will build not only your image but also credibility.


How about a couple of examples?

One of them is Michał – my boyfriend. He called me, because he wanted to look more powerfull. He noticed, that when he is playing volleyball wearing professional clothes his opponents are more stressed and he wanted to do the same in business. He also wanted to look like guys from “Suits”, the tv show (who didn’t?) And, as it appears later, he wanted to meet me and ask for a date. So he did. He changed not only his style and attitude, but  a whole life. Fortunately for me he found love.

And that is Beata. I met her during my charity project workshop. I noticed beautiful woman hiding herself in neutral clothes. After our workshop and makeover I asked her about her feelings. And she said “ I feel absolutely beautiful. Thanks to that, everything is possibble”. She noticed that she has it all: amazing legs, beautiful hair. So she made a decision that she will discover one beautiful thing in herself per day and compliment herself. She started to appreciate herself.

But one of my most touching stories is the one about Cate. Cate was my client, we worked together for 2 years and then she got pregnant. During her pregnancy it turned out that her child would be disabled. So me, in my, then, very limited mind, thougt that it would be the end of our cooperation. And she said to me: “I need to take care about myself, I want to be pretty to be a happy mum. I don’t want my son to feel I’m mortifying because of him. Its like on a plane.  In case of emergency you need to use the oxygen mask first on yourself to have ability to take care of your child.” So we found the most beautiful pregnancy clothes ever – a yellow coat with a lot of energy, sexy dress to enhance her womanity and a lot of nice jewellery. To celebrate her unique state. To celebrate her unique style and attitude. She understood its worth to invest in your look to feel better no matter what.

Today I want you to open your minds and believe in the transformating power of clothes.

Open your hearts and feel the beauty of your inner self. Open your wardrobes and make some changes.

Remember that style is not about who you want to be but about who you really are.

Are you ready?

  • Kasia Madaj

    Monika, I know many amazing and inspiring women. You definitely are one of them. And I am grateful I met YOU at the very beginning of my business path. You have proven it to me that it’s okay to be proud of who you are. Being fearless – this is what you are teaching me. Thank you. And a big hug 🙂

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